As your trusted compounding pharmacy partner, we provide the highest quality custom medications to help others feel their best.

Since our establishment in 2004, the growing demand for customized medications has propelled us to deliver an unparalleled pharmacy experience. Amidst the surge in drug shortages and persistent treatment gaps in commercial medications, we stand dedicated to help others master wellness, redefining pharmaceutical treatment options.


Prescribing Practitioners


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Square-foot facility

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance pharmaceutical modalities through personalized compounding, aiming to expand our network of practitioner collaborations across the nation.

Broad formulary

Through collaborative efforts with healthcare professionals across the nation, we have developed an expansive formulary of pharmaceuticals supporting and enhancing well-being.

Setting the benchmark

As a 503A designated pharmacy, we are held to the standards of USP. Exceeding these standards is our commitment to our trusted practitioners and their respective patients.


We compliment custom drugs with custom service. We are committed to our provider partners and their patients, delivering tailored prescriptions in the shortest amount of time.

Where health and partnership meet

New Provider

“Working with Hallandale is super easy. They always have the prescriptions my patients need and their customer service is amazing.”

Dr. James Patterson

Central Medical Group / Seattle, WA