• Capsule
  • Product ID:
  • Brand:
    Hallandale Pharmacy
  • Form:
  • Size:
  • Strength:
    10 mg
  • Description:
    Grey/Pink Capsule
  • Schedule:
    Rx Only
  • Route of Administration:

Womens Health
Highlighting the meticulous precision in our formulations is paramount, especially in the realm of female hormone replacement compounds. Achieving hormonal balance in women can pose notable challenges due to the intricate nature of their hormonal systems. Consistency in our compounds is pivotal as it ensures the efficacy and reliability required to address these delicate hormonal imbalances effectively. This emphasis on precision and consistency is fundamental in our approach to crafting formulations tailored to restore hormonal equilibrium in women, providing them with optimal support for their well-being.

Mens Health
Experience a redefined method for male hormone replacement within our unique formulations. Our diverse range of solutions intricately addresses male hormone imbalances. Notably featured among our offerings are advanced hormone replacement therapies that have shown transformative effects, revitalizing vitality, alleviating low testosterone symptoms, and supporting comprehensive well-being in men. Our dedication lies in providing cutting-edge pharmaceuticals that not only rebalance hormones but also significantly enhance our patients’ quality of life.


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