Redefining quality

We define quality as the continuous application of analytical product testing, scientific research, process validations, advanced facilities, personnel training and assessments. Emphasizing our dedication to quality, the incorporation of notable cGMP practices reflects our pursuit of overachieving standards.

State of the art facilities totalling to 60,000 square feet

Exceeding standards starts with state-of-the-art facilities.

Our 6000 sq ft cleanroom is meticulously engineered to adhere to CGMP standards, ensuring optimal material and personnel flow. Equipped with cutting-edge touchless door technologies and decontamination systems, it prioritizes safety and hygiene. The designated production rooms, including those for hazardous drugs, underscore our commitment to precision and compliance. Constant 24-hour monitoring reinforces our dedication to maintaining stringent quality control. At our facility, we spare no expense in utilizing only the finest technologies and methodologies to deliver unparalleled results.

In our expansive 60,000 sq ft pharmacy facility, quality is the driving force behind every aspect. From our meticulously controlled clean rooms to our formulation, drug storage, shipping, logistics, refrigeration, freezer storage, and packaging and inspection departments, every element is tailored to ensure top-notch standards. Our commitment to quality in these areas directly impacts the products reaching the patients’ hands. With stringent protocols and advanced technology in place, we guarantee that the quality of our pharmaceuticals remains uncompromised, reassuring patients that they receive only the best, safeguarding their well-being and health.

As a 503A designated pharmacy, adhering to USP 797 standards is fundamental to our operations at Hallandale Pharmacy. However, we go beyond compliance; our commitment involves surpassing these benchmarks. Quality, to us, means ongoing product testing, scientific research, validated processes, regular facility maintenance, and comprehensive personnel training. This dedication to continuous improvement ensures that our products meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy. By consistently delivering on these principles, we instill confidence in practitioners and their patients, assuring them of the reliability and excellence of our services.

At Hallandale Pharmacy, we hold accreditation from PCAB (Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board). This accreditation demonstrates our commitment to upholding industry standards in pharmaceutical compounding. Our adherence to these rigorous criteria ensures the quality, safety, and efficacy of our compounded medications, providing assurance to our patients and practitioners. This accreditation highlights our dedication to excellence in pharmaceutical compounding practices.

At Hallandale Pharmacy, our team consists of seasoned professionals with diverse expertise. Our CGMP-experienced quality staff diligently oversee and enforce SOPs, ensuring consistent quality while continually seeking opportunities for improvement. Our skilled microbiologists set the gold standard for cleanroom environmental monitoring and safety, ensuring a pristine and secure environment. We collaborate with pharmaceutical consultants to drive ongoing enhancements and contribute to facility expansions. Our dedicated facility engineers specialize in maintaining HVAC systems and machinery, guaranteeing optimal operational conditions. With a former FDA cGMP quality inspector serving as our Quality Auditor, we maintain rigorous compliance. Moreover, our expert formulation team stands as a cornerstone, providing invaluable insights and expertise in crafting top-tier pharmaceutical formulations.

At Hallandale Pharmacy, we rely on two key pharmaceutical automation systems. Firstly, in drug production, this technology ensures precise control, streamlining processes and maintaining top-tier quality. Simultaneously, within our dispensing operations, advanced automation expedites accurate prescription fulfillment, guaranteeing timely delivery to our patients. Embracing these distinct automation systems reflects our dedication to efficient, accurate, and timely pharmaceutical services without compromising quality.

We collaborate exclusively with FDA-registered API manufacturers, subjecting them to thorough vendor audits conducted by our quality team before sourcing. Additionally, we rigorously verify the Certificate of Analysis (COA) internally, ensuring redundant quality control measures. Our commitment to partnering with these esteemed API vendors, coupled with stringent quality checks, guarantees the reliability and high standards of the raw materials used in our pharmaceutical formulations.

Each sterile batch of our products undergoes rigorous analytic testing to ensure its quality and safety. Our commitment to excellence includes conducting thorough stability studies that support appropriate expiration dates (BUD dates) and correct storage conditions. This meticulous process guarantees that every dose consumed meets the expected standards, assuring our patients and practitioners of the reliability and efficacy of our pharmaceuticals.

At our pharmacy, our expert pharmacists and chemists excel in formulating drugs tailored to meet specific requirements. Their expertise enables precision in prescribing and designing treatment protocols. By leveraging their profound knowledge and skills, we ensure that medications are meticulously formulated to align with individualized needs. This commitment to personalized formulations empowers practitioners to deliver precise treatments, ensuring optimal patient outcomes and enhanced therapeutic effectiveness.

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